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Woodworking Art by Joe Davis

This is not a marketing site. Although I occasionally sell my work and I sometimes accept special orders, this is my hobby, not my business. I work at my own pace, getting pure joy from handcrafting wood without the pressures of deadlines or the headaches of managing a business.

I hope you like what you see here.

Recent Projects

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Scrolling Techniques

My projects are all hand-crafted on my scroll saw. Though I may cut several projects from the same design, pieces are not interchangeable. These techniques are recognized by most scrollers:

Technique Fretwork


Cut through

Technique Intarsia


Precision-cut pieces from different types of woods

Technique Segmentation


Components cut from one piece of wood

Technique Puzzles


Interlocking pieces

Technique 3D


Compound cuts from a single block of wood

Technique Stack Cutting

Stack Cutting

Cutting a few pieces of thin wood at the same time. Often used for fretwork.